What creates a sound that reaches insides you and touches your soul? Perhaps the answer is passion, honesty and openness. If you agree, then you will love the sounds of Erick Baker.

A native of Knoxville, TN, Erick got a late start on the music scene. After graduating college with a degree in Public Relations, he took one voice lesson and taught himself how to play the guitar. A fast learner, he has already converted thousands of fans with his two albums.

His latest release is his first full-length album called Holding the Pieces in Place. This music is representative of experiences from his own life; however, I think that there is something for everyone to relate to. Some of the featured songs include “Comfort You” and “Room to Fall.” This album is twice as long as his first, successful album It’s Getting Too Late to Say it’s Early which contains hits like “Two Left Feet” and “Stay Awhile.”

 His best performances in his and my own opinion are his live performances. There, he is able to fully express himself as a musician. He loves the differences and even tiny imperfections in his live performances that create a passionate uniqueness and intimacy to each performance.

An ingredient to his sounds, is known as Erin Archer. Her voice and viola harmonize with Erick in such a fitting way to provide an alternative and natural feel. The combination of the two is unstoppable.

Be sure to listen closely to the delicately designed lyrics that Erick uses to communicate his soul. He has played with artists like James Blunt, Gavin Degraw, Natasha Bedingfield and has performed at popular music festivals like Bonnaroo and Voodoo Fest.

We hope the word will continue to travel, so that others may be fortunate enough to be influenced by Erick Baker. Check out his music at erickbaker.com. And remember, it’s always better live.