Electric and Rock meet with Lymbyc System

Lymbyc System is composed of two brothers Jared and Michael Bell who both are actively creating music for the 21st century.  Their music grabs the presence of rock in our culture and then adds elements of electronic manipulation which can no longer be ignored.

The brothers decided to from a band in early 2001 where they developed a reputation by opening for band such as as the Album Leaf and Mice Parade. After gaining early success they released several C.D.’s consisting of Love Your Abuser which also has a remixed version, and recently in 2009 they came out with Shutter Release.

Their music provides a fresh view of taking natural acoustic sounds and mixing them with qualities of sound engineering. They use recording techniques that resemble that of Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails thus creating an atmosphere for the listener.

The music invites the listener to enter into its world and explore what the music has to share. The C.D.’s create a feeling that reminds those people who search for great music, why they spend for hours searching for something new.
One song in particular has grabbed my attention.

  • Rest Easy/Age Kindly (Back Ted n-Ted Remix)

This song was the first song that I listened too and it blow me away.  The song begins by pulling you into a world where voices are calling for your attention and subtle ambient sounds are resonating in the background. As the sounds begin to build they start creating tension until the final release when the music takes a drastic turn. repetitive sounds of a person snapping their fingers in rhythmic fashion creates the basis of a musical explosion. They than use rhythmic syncopation to create musical intensity captures the listener into trace.

I encourage everyone to take a minuets to stop and listen to this song before you move on. Leave your impressions by commenting about how the song affected you. Music has a power that can encourage, lift and inspire.

Several songs have gain popularity as many others are growing fond of their sound.

  • Processed Spirits
  • Narita
  • Notations

This new combination of electric rock have gathered a following of those who seek new and creative music. This group made a short tour in the US early this year mostly covering the east coast after which they returned to Europe to finish their tour. I am sure this group will be continuing to tour in upcoming years as their music gains additional followers.