David Hopkins

Ladies watch out! This Irish-born musician, who is currently residing in Los Angeles, California, will make you swoon with his thick accent, cool love, and simplicity in sensitivity. David Hopkins just released his newest album, There are Debts–possibly one of the best underground albums of the year. The album’s headlining song, “There are Debts” features Damien Rice, a stylistically similar musician to Hopkins, as well as a close friend. You can  check out  There are Debts on David’s official website (davidhopkins.net), his myspace, or on itunes.

I recommend the ENTIRE album.  It is one that you wont want to end.  I have been listening to it for days. Here’s a taste of the delicious David Hopkins:

A little background:

Hopkins has been in the music business for several years establishing his name by working with other great artists such as Damien Rice, The Who, David Grey, The Fall, etc. His music has also been featured in soundtracks for several movies, including:  The Hottie & the Nottie with Paris Hilton and The Year of Getting to Know Us starring Lucy Lui, Jimmy Fallon, and Sharon Stone.