That is the name of today’s featured band. Timber! is a Provo native music band whose entrancing soft beats will have you wanting more.

Provo Music Band

The band currently has an album titled “Nocturnal”, which is available at no cost to you. The songs have folky tunes for the inner indie music lover. They first demo came out in March 2011 and they’ve been frequenting the Velour venue in Provo ever since.

Timber! was first started in 2010 by Adam Klopp and Dylan Astle, which later included Hannah Matheson, Katrina Ricks, and Marshall Oelkers.

After playing music together for 7 months, the band decided to record an album and raise money for its cost on Kickstarter. Just 18 hours into their fundraiser, Timber! had raised more than half its goal. Instead of rambling on about how awesome this band is, I’ll let the music speak for itself. For all you Utah locals, find out where Timber! is playing here.


Check Timber! out on Facebook and Bandcamp.


If you have not heard of the British alternative rock band Coldplay, you are missing out on one of the greatest bands of the decade. This band blew up when they came to America and has been producing hit after hit since they have been here. They just released their new album Mylo Xyloto on October 24.


This album will surely be a hit due to the fan base of Coldplay; it is definitely worth listening to. Some may wonder where the name Mylo Xyloto (pronounced My-low Zy-letoe) came from. Well during an interview with Chris Martin, lead singer on the band, he explains the name. “Something about it feels quite fresh. The title doesn’t have any other meaning. I think we’re a band with a lot of history now so it’s nice to come up with something that doesn’t have any history at all. We’ve had that title for about two years on a board and any other potential titles had to be written next to it. Other ones made more sense but we liked this one, that’s all we can defend it with.”

Although the album title has no real meaning to it, the songs on the album do. This is the fifth album produced by Coldplay and it is less dominated by what the fans want and is more what the band wants. Martin refers to the music on this album as more of a “stripped- down sound.”  So what the music on this album will be like is a mystery, but regardless of this new sound, Coldplay is one of the top bands and their new album should be heard. Coldplay’s sound is similar to that of the band Mumford & Sons, if you like Mumford & Sons, you will definitely enjoy Coldplay. Give the album a chance, and hear the wonderful music of Coldplay!


If you have not yet heard of Mumford & Sons, your life will surely change as soon as you do. These four young men from West London who make up the band, will become your four main men. Marcus Mumford, Country Winston, Ben Lovett, and Ted Dwane are the men who comprise this band, and once you hear them play their instruments and sing, you will surely fall in love as many others have around the world, myself included.

The four friends bonded over their love of country, bluegrass and folk, and decided to make music that sounded loud, proud and live. Once they realized they were meant to be a band, they immediately hit the road. Straightaway, they won the hearts of the audiences they performed for. They began touring extensively in 2008, and eventually had their first American tour. The reason their music is loved by millions is because it is so real.

On the band’s album, Sigh No More, the songs are anywhere from upbeat and fun, to slow and relaxing. My personal favorite being “Awake my Soul,” this song is truly beautiful and I can never get enough. The first song I ever heard from Mumford & Sons was “The Cave,” and since then I have been listening to as much as I possibly can. If you like Mumford & Sons as much as I do, you will also love Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.

This band succeeded because they were always true to themselves, they never changed their sound and always played the music they loved. This is why they have made such a splash in the music scene, they are 100% original. Their folk rock music should be heard by everyone possible because it is simply happy music. The quirky style and music coming from this group is catching on quick and people are realizing how unique it is.

If I ever get the opportunity to see Mumford & Sons live, I would never pass it up. Going to a one of their concerts would definitely change my life, they are one of my favorite bands, and they deserve all the recognition they can get! This one goes out to my four main men.

Mumford & Sons, \”The Cave\”