After a very long absence of posting to this underground music blog, I have decided to edge my way back into this blog with a slightly political post as Monday (MLK Day) was President Obama’s second presidential inauguration.

Whether you you are highly involved in politics, pro-Obama, or nay-Obama, however, you can still enjoy this post. Frankly, I did not watch the inauguration and neither did my brother and his wife, who live down the street from the capital in DC.  YET, I did watch the PS 22 Children’s Choir sing to the President, Imagine Dragon’s I’m On Top Of The World.

This children’s choir isn’t perse the most musically talented choir, but they are sure cute and the teacher really does know how to inspire these children and instill music in their souls.  Their teacher is a man I truly admire.

And their song choice could not be better for a smattering of reasons, 1. Being that I’m sure the President did feel “On Top Of the World” and 2. Imagine Dragons, the local Provo/Vegas band has grown in popularity so much that they recently received Platinum for their first album, Night Visions.

Check out the PS22 Children’s Chorus for more hits and Imagine Dragons as they get ready to tour with Nico Vega (the lead singers of both bands are married).



It’s worth noting that New Mexico’s own indie sensation Beirut is releasing a new album in August. According to sources, The Rip Tide is going to be released in August, marking the third album that the band has released so far.

The band is famous for integrating Balkan Folk music with Eastern European music, as well as blending it with American contemporary indie. The band enjoys a strong support base in Europe, North America, and Brazil. In fact, the band is enormously popular in Brazil, creating many spin off and imitation bands that admire the different genre and stylings that Beirut presents to people.

The Rip Tide is reported to be more pop focused than previous offerings, bring Beirut back to its origins in effective fashion. The main strength of the band is the unique sound and tone that they set, so sticking to that format is something that fans will doubtlessly be excited about.


It would appear that Indie Music is spreading in both influence and popularity. due to the presence of the internet and Social Networking, indie music is finding venues and outlets at a rate that has previously been unheard of. Put simply, our constant media exposure is introducing many more people to indie music and spreading its popularity.

The influence that can be seen on music and culture and attitudes is spreading. Many organizations are adopting core indie values and trying to emulate them in order to appeal to a greater audience. Indeed, the influence can be seen in other countries and culture, where the distinctive look and sound of the genre can be easily spotted everywhere.

Such patterns show the true spread and influence that globalization defines for people, because of the way that the music influence has become more widespread and popular in the last few years. the trend is only going to be amplified in the future, as more markets are exposed to the genre.