Brandon Flowers PortraitMany people, even avid music listeners, have yet to listen to Brandon Flowers new solo album Flamingo. To bring those who haven’t soaked their ears up to speed, Brandon, typically accompanied by the both European and American hit band the Killers, is flying solo for awhile.

With a lighter, more western feel, Flamingo is a fresh twist away from the Killers usual sound. It seems to come from a more personal insight into Brandon’s creativity, highlighted by songs about his hometown Las Vegas and riddled with religious undertones.

Unlike the Killers, who easily sellout huge venues wherever they tour, Brandon’s solo tour, continuing through December of 2010, is a much more up-close and personal show. After each show, people post their iphone videos and homemade recordings of his live performances and they all seem to be occurring in rather small venues and concert halls. The crowds range anywhere from a few hundred die-hard fans to a few thousand, far fewer than “Killer” crowds, which have pushed the upper thousands.

Is it because Brandon has yet to be established as a solo artist? I personally have many friends, Killers fans, who were like “who is Brandon Flowers?” A question I gladly answered with a requirement to listen to his new album right away. Anyway, I think the fact that he has booked smaller places to play his more personal music is the perfect fit to a debut solo tour. Not that he or anyone doubts the quality of the music, in fact, quite the opposite.

The hard core fans who have followed Brandon’s work since the beginning will make it to the show. My ticket is tucked safely away in a safe for his Novemeber 17th pit stop to Salt Lake City!

Many have speculated the break up of the Killers and the disembodiment of one of the most Indi-influential bands of the 2000’s. This however is only rumor. Everyone knows that bands have drama and clash because of personality differences. The fact of the matter is, each band member has their own life. They need a break every once in awhile. Brandon, though he took a break from the Killers, did not take a break from creating music, one of his favorite past times.

He did not create this new album in order to make money, the Killers and their tours have brought that. He did it to stay busy. To do what he loves. Brandon was even quoted to be missing the band and looking forward to their regrouping in 2011.

After an amazing run with the Killers, Brandon’s musically introverted album Flamingo is worth a listen. Ranging from western twang to electronically modified vocals, his new songs capture the feel of the Mojave desert. If you found out about his solo tour too late and were not able to snatch a ticket; go anyway. Try to get in!

From what has been posted on YouTube of his tour so far, it seems to be worth every effort to go. I will be there, sporting a classy bow tie and a mustache (inspiration from the man voted the “Most Stylish Man” at the GQ awards in 2008).