Boys Like Girls Love Drunk album

Love Drunk album cover

Here’s what the critics have said about Boys Like Girls newest album, Love Drunk:

  • “Its self-titled debut was pop-emo at its dimmest, but Love Drunk is, in places, a pleasant improvement, with the band’s brattier instincts tamped down. Produced by Brian Howes… it’s appealingly diverse.” – The New York Times
  • “Boys Like Girls’ self-titled debut album was an unexpected success, eventually going gold. Devoid of any hit singles or a truly distinctive sound, the album seemed to catch on because it was a perfect distillation of the emo pop sound with no rough edges to scare people away.” – All Music Guide
  • “If Love Drunk’s overall enthusiasm and high-energy pop doesn’t win over even the snarkiest of reviewers after a few listens, then they probably don’t have a heart. Everyone else will love it anyway. Pop-rock like this is popular for a reason.” – Alternative Press

I do agree that Love Drunk is better than their last self-titled album. They were able to mix up their sounds quite a bit, which is evident in “Real Thing” and “The Shot Heard Round The World.” These two songs have an 80’s pop- rock twist, coming close to imitating the style of the Ramones. One song, Two is Better Than One, feat. Taylor Swift, is a slow ballad that seems to cater to a more mainstream audience through a very formulaic melody.

BLG is known for being able to  capture their listeners with catchy bridges and sweet, glossy choruses that are easy to sing along with. And this album does just that. “Heart, Heart, Heartbreak,”  “She’s Got a Boyfriend Now,” and “Contagious” are fun, energetic and can make anyone start moving to the music. Simply put, these songs are pop-punk at their best. Though their album isn’t necessarily original, I applaud BLG for testing their own personal limits and expanding their  musical horizons. It’s definitely not what one would expect.

Case in point, I’m a fan. Tell me what you think.