It is not too often you hear a punk rock band inspired by 1920’s string bands! But here they are, Blackbird Raum delivering a ferocious sound that I do not think everyone would like, but for those who do, will love!

You are most likely to see them performing at street festivals or at small local venues. I first saw them at Seattle’s Folk Life festival. The girl playing the saw and the guy playing the washboard caught my eye and immediately after the sound did as well.

They are like a modern Anarcho-Punk band with lyrics dealing with our economy and civilization. While singing “I want something much more different not these factories of prisons I wish that the earth was green again…” and seeing them play with raw emotion you can tell they have an opinion and feel it’s important.

Check out this video of a house show played in California.

Whether you like it or not you cannot deny they have passion and are unlike most you see and hear.

Most wouldn’t even recognize the band’s name or many of their song titles as being from historical events, books or mythical creatures. Silent Spring (one of my favorite songs) is in reference to Rachel Carson’s book Silent Spring, and Raum is a mythological creature who is depicted as a black crow that can change shape into a man.

They recently released a new album and have one other as well as an EP. To listen to more check out their myspace: