Looking for a way to crank up your ipod? Here are a few of the best musical iphone apps that anyone with musical talent or taste would enjoy:

Guitar Toolkit App

1. Guitar Toolkit ($9.99)

If you love to jam, this app is worth the ten bucks it costs. This rockin’ iphone app is equipped with an accurate chromatic tuner, adjustable metronome and complete chord library of over 1500 chord variations.

2. Concert Vault (Free)

With this free iphone app, you can get access to the word’s largest collection of live concert recordings of shows spanning from 1960’s to today.

3. BeatMaker ($19.99)

This may seem like a steep price to pay for an app, but the BeatMaker allows you to work out a rhythm sequence or sketch an entire song on your phone. It allows you to produce high-quality tracks with built-in trigger pads, sequencing tools and audio effects.

4. miniSynth ($1.99)

This iphone app features a 48-key, 40octave keyboard with full recording, playback and audio file exporting. Now you can finally start that 80s hair band you’ve been thinking about…

5. Pandora (Free)

Enjoy a personalized radio station right on your iphone. Just enter the name of a favorite artist or song and Pandora creates a custom soundtrack based on your musical tastes.

6. Cleartune ($3.99)

Cleartune is a chromatic instrument tuner and pitch pipe that allows your to quickly and accurately tune your instrument.