William Fitzsimmons is one of the most talented, unsigned guitar players and singers around in the acoustic genre.  His unique style of complex guitar melodies and incredible lyrics showcases his unique childhood and upbringing.  William was raised by two blind parents as the youngest child in the family.  Because his parents were unable to enjoy the arts through sight, they were forced to experience life through sound.  The Fitzsimmon’s home was packed with instruments of every kind to allow them to communicate with one another at a new level.  They were so serious about music that their father even built in a pipe organ into the house with his own hands.

William went to college with the ambitions of becoming a therapist to help the mentally ill. In his last semester of graduate school, he decided to follow his childhood passion of making music. William purchased some makeshift quality in-home recording equipment to fulfill his dreams.  After graduating he became a therapist song writer who found it peaceful to write about the difficulties that he saw others dealing with everyday.

Although William has not been signed yet as a full time song writer, he has had his music featured in the tv shows “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Army Wives”.

His unique past, emotional career and incredible talent combined make William Fitzsimmons someone worth the time to listen to.