Okay, so I won’t actually go there, fearing people might take me seriously instead of seeing what I am really trying to say, which is that Arcade Fire really is one of the best bands the public has heard in a very long time!

Arcade fire has become one of my all time favorite bands.  They are the somewhat nerdy indie rocker type that for some reason can take the same chord progressions as other bands, but make it sound like something you have never heard before.

When a band can play a song that gets me stoked internally, I know it’s a song I won’t ever get sick of.  And Arcade Fire has multiple songs that can do just that.  Songs like Wake Up, Intervention, Une Annee Sans Lumiere, Crown of Love and Black Mirror can be listened to over and over again and will give me the same joy it did the first time I heard it.

The trouble with hyping up a band such as I have just done is it creates great expectations in people’s minds, to the point that when they get the chance to actually hear the band, they now have an unrealistic expectation that no band can meet.

Knowing this, I stand by my review and still give them the same high review.  I myself heard the same thing from the person who told me about them shortly after their first full length entitled Funeral came out. The only difference with this band, was I wasn’t disappointed.

Besides the great sound, the band themselves just impresses me. After touring for Funeral, the band purchased a small church and converted it into a recording studio where they would record the not so surprising name of their second album Neon Bible.

Before Neon Bible though, Funeral was released which includes the song wake up, which is arguably the bands best  song and represents what the band is all about.  From its choral shout-along opening to its single note, distorted guitar riff, cheerful piano tunes it has everything a great indie song should have.

I have undoubtedly met people who don’t feel as passionately as I do about this group, but I have yet to meet anyone who likes indie rock and doesn’t at least think The Arcade Fire is very respectable band with some good music. That is my opinion.  What is yours?