April Meservy

April Meservy

April Meservy is a local artist located here in the Provo/Orem, Utah area. April has been in the music industry for many, many years, working with many other musicians. She has been on many gospel cds and just recently released her first album, Somewhere Between Sunsets, which is available on itunes.

April is an indie singer/songwriter. She plays the piano and the guitar. However, her voice is probably her most admirable quality. She has such as warm, inviting, and clean sound. The amazing thing about April is that she has proven to be able have extremely diverse vocals. She has enjoyed jazz/blues, pop/rock, dance/electronica, and even gospel/contemporary. I personally think that her pop sound is the best and will help her to become more successful.

One cool thing about April is that she not only is extremely excited about her music, but is just extremely excited about life in general. April is probably one of the nicest, most genuine persons that you will ever meet! So I hope you get a chance to meet her sometime. She has a great smile and a huge heart, which is probably why her music is so heart-felt.

Carli Cutchin from the Reno News and Review said about April Meservy, “[she] is sometimes soulful, sometimes blithe, but always passionate.”

One of her new songs, “Truth Speaks” really is a reflection of April. For she does truly speak truth in her music. I recommend April Meservy for encouraging, feel good music.

Truth Speak

I Like Mondays

If you enjoyed the two songs above, you can find April Meservy on itunes, youtube, myspace, facebook, and on her official website.