It’s the beginning of March and everyone is dying to break out their shorts and hit the beach…too bad it is still so cold! Five Times August will warm you right up, despite their chill sound.

Five Times August is really just one man – Brad Skistimas. He wants you to remember his name though, so he uses his birthday instead.

Brad has traveled all over these United States, and I have been privileged enough to see him perform live and meet him. The band’s performance at Warehouse Live in Houston, Texas, was amazing – he really interacts with the audience.

You may have heard their music on TV before! Brad got every single song from his first official album on TV (the first show to feature one of his songs was actually the popular Laguna Beach, featuring “Better With You”).

Five Times August creates magic with a simple blend of vocals, guitar, and piano…all performed and recorded by Brad himself. His natural feel and talent for music can bring a relaxing summery feel to anyone’s day, no matter how cold it might actually be outside.

Check out some of his acoustic sessions on YouTube – he’ll even take requests! Here’s his latest: