A Dull Science

What: Pop Punk/ Rock

Where: San Diego, CA

Albums: What were they thinking? – Nov 25, 2007, Look at it This Way (EP) – June 01, 2008

Upcoming Shows: Oct. 17 @ Soma (7:00pm); Nov. 1 @ 4th&B (7:00pm)

Band Members:

  • Hutton BairdBass / Vocals
    Age: 21
    San Diego, CA

    Hutton puts applesauce on everything, including eggs. His percussion obsession extends to the drums, piano, and marimba, plus he plays bass, guitar and tries to sing. What band has a fu$%^@ng marimba?! Evidently all the hair dye has gone to his head…

  • Ilya ShatovGuitar / Vocals
    Age: 20
    Moscow, Russia

    Ilya is tired of explaining to everyone why his last name is not the past tense of “going number 2.” He’s RUSSIAN, dammit! Besides playing guitar and singing, Ilya’s favorite things to do are be late, tell stories that are way too long that suck, and pump gas.

  • Kevin PintadoDrums
    Age: 19
    San Diego, CA

    Kevin is the illegitimate love child of Bruce Lee and Liza Minelli. Boasting the world’s shortest but fastest arms, Kevin is a maniac on the skins. Kevin has worn the same size pants since third grade. Imagine all the money his parents have saved.

  • Mark LozanoGuitar / Hand Clapping Extraordinaire
    Age: 19
    San Diego, CA

    Mark’s obsession with strings doesn’t stop at just guitar… as it turns out, he is quite the tennis player! Its easy to see why Mark takes great pride in his ball smackin’ abilities!!!