A Cursive Memory is a pop/rock indie band from Southern California. The band has been a success from day one. While they were still in high school, A Cursive Memory was getting air-time on MTV. Their sound is a mash-up of lead piano, strong vocals, and an 80’s keyboard. With fun melodies and rock-solid choruses, A Cursive Memory had no trouble gaining a strong following.

Their most recent album, Changes, was released 02/19/08. But before that, they released Respeck! (EP) in 2007, Light Camera Action in 2006, and A Cursive Memory in 2005. Though they haven’t released a new album for over a year, they were featured in VANS Warped Tour this past summer.

To promote their single, “Everything,” the band created the Bandarazzi (half-band, half-paparazzi) project. They spent a whole summer following the paparazzi around Los Angeles and filming their experience. The video compilation of brief encounters with celebrities became their music video for “Everything.” Their project proved successful. It went viral on youtube and created a lot of buzz. It even set the record for “Most Watched Rock Video In One Week” on MySpace. Pretty impressive. You get to see glimpses of Britney Spears, Jenna Fischer (aka Pam Beesly), P. Diddy, and more!

Here’s the video for Everything. See who else you can spot: