Cold War Kids Mine Is Yours

The Cold War Kids have taken a completely new approach with their newest release Mine Is Yours. The stripped down, bare bones, indie rock from the first album has been lost in a more modern alternative rock feel. The first song on the album and the title track “Mine Is Yours” displays the new feel best setting the stage for the rest of the tracks. There is more guitar, faster songs, and an overall louder sound as the first single “Louder Than Ever” seems to suggest. It would be a really good album to listen to in the car on a road trip. That might be a disappointment for fans of their first album Robbers and Cowards. Having said that, the band retains a lot of the blues feel of the past that seems to work perfect with Nathan Willett’s vocals. Overall this new sound works really well for them.

As far as lyrics go Mine Is Yours is a lot more personal. There has been a move away from the social issues of Robbers and Cowards in favor of songs about love and about growing up. They are still true to their Cold War Kids thought provoking lyrical style however. The standout tracks on this album are “Finally Begin,” “Bulldozer,” and “Sensitive Kid.” The whole album is a good listen though, there weren’t any tracks that make you want to hit the skip button. The only disappointment is that they chose to release “Louder Than Ever” as the single. It’s a good song but there are some much better candidates that would probably get them more attention. Overall the new sound is fun, there are a lot of great tracks, and the album as a whole is good. It will be interesting to see if this new direction gets them the attention they are looking for.